10 Handy Life Hacks!

I know just how crazy life can be. That is why it is important for me to try to remember every little life hack that I can possibly find that will help life be just a little easier. Check out a few of my favorite handy life hacks below!

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10 Handy Life Hacks!

1. Do you have crayon spots on the wall or on toys? We know just how hard it can be to take crayon off of things. But did you know that Mayonnaise will remove crayon with ease?

10 Handy Life Hacks!

2. Have any highlighter markings in books that you wish you could remove? Did you know that you can? Just cut a lemon in half and dab a cotton swab in the fresh cut lemon juice. Then rub the lemon juice onto the highlighter markings in your book. Voila!! It’s almost as if the highlighter markings were never there!

3. Foggy bathroom mirrors can be annoying. Did you know that you can take that “fog” away with a coat of car wax? Just apply a thin coat of car wax to your mirrors, let it dry and then buff with a soft cloth.

10 Handy Life Hacks!

4. Did your lettuce go limp in the fridge? Soak it in ice water for an hour and it will help your lettuce to crisp right up.

5. Have an issue with boiling water over a pot when you are cooking? Place a wooden spoon across your pot and it will not boil over.

6. Have a splinter? Pour some Elmer’s glue over the splinter and let it dry. When you peel the glue off it will take the splinter out with it.

7. A comb makes a great nail holder! No more smashed fingers!

8. Do you have scuffs on you wooden furniture or piano? Crack a walnut and rub against the scuffs and scraps. Just a quick rub and they will all disappear.

9. Have a young one at home that likes to stick stickers on everything? Use a putty knife and a hair dryer to quickly remove them from surfaces. Just heat up the sticker with the hair dyer and scrap away with the putty knife.

10 Handy Life Hacks!

10. Tired of cookie dough sticking to the spoon when you are trying to put them onto the cookie sheet? Just dip that spoon into a cup of milk and the cookie dough will slide right off onto the cookie sheet.

We hope those handy life hacks will help to make your days a little easier! Do you have any handy hacks? We would love to hear them!

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