10 Tips To Heat Up A Cold Room!

Tips To Heat Up A Cold Room!

We all have that one room in our homes. You know the one, the one that is cold all the time. As the temps are heating up outside I am glad that the furnace is going to be running less and less. However, you may have a room that will still need a little burst of warmth on these still chilly days and nights. I have compiled a list of Tips To Heat Up A Cold Room to help you feel more comfortable in your home.

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1. If you are lucky enough to have your room face the sun, then the easiest way to heat up the room is to open the shades during the day. The sunlight will be the quickest and most efficient way to warm up the room. However, you will need to make sure to lower those shades as soon as the sun starts to go down so that you can keep that heat in your home instead of escaping out that window.

2. If you have not replaced any weather stripping in a while, then this is another step that is a must. Replace all weather stripping around the doors and windows to help keep the cold out and the heat in.

3. Make sure all heat registers are fully open and not being blocked by anything. This may seem like a common sense issue but you would be surprised by how many people do not realize that the register got closed at some point for one reason or another.

4. If cold furniture or floors are hindering the heat in your room then you can use a blanket draped over a chair for cute décor as well as added warmth. I also recommend adding a warm rug to the floor to help hold in heat.

5. Reverse your ceiling fans. This is something that some people don’t know. Most ceiling fans have a winter setting. By reversing the blades you will create an airflow that will draw the heat back down into the room instead of out the ceiling.

6. Covering your windows with heavier drapes during the winter months will also help to hold in the heat.

7. Close the doors to any unused rooms. This will prevent the air from circulating as much which will lead to less heat loss.

8. If your windows are still drafty and cold after adding new weather stripping and placing heavier curtains. Then you can always add a plastic film cover. This will help to keep that cold out!

9. Have your replaced your furnace filter? A dirty filter will hinder the performance of your heating system.

10. Bake! Baking is a great way to keep your body moving and add some heat to your home. Plus who does not love fresh baked goodies? Just remember that each time you open the oven door your home will have a burst of heat so keep on baking!

If you are still cold after using these Tips To Heat Up A Cold Room then you might have an insulation issue. If that is the case then I recommend you checking out my video on Insulation HERE.

Just think, in a couple more weeks we will be complaining about the heat and wishing our home was cooler!

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