15 Unique New Years Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year which means millions across the globe are focusing on wiping the slate clean and becoming “a better you.” New Years Resolutions to lose weight, eat better, be kinder, make more money, budget better, etc…

Making goals and setting New Years Resolutions is a great idea all year long. It is wonderful to know that we can always learn, grow and evolve, that there is never a time in our lives when we hit a point where we can no longer learn and become better people.

Are you still trying to plan out what your resolutions will be this year? Are you looking for something more then the basic ones you set every year and never accomplish? What about something deeper this year that can really help to change who you are? Or one that is light and simple that you know you will be able to achieve? Here is a fun list of unique ideas to help you become the “better you” that you might be looking for.

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1. Smaller portion sizes. – One of the most, if not the most, common new years resolutions is to become healthier and lost weight. This is a great resolution but I think it is probably the most easy to give up once the year gets going. Losing weight or getting healthy is so broad and is often times too big of a task to take on when you are just starting out. Set something smaller that will help you achieve this goal long term. Something as simple as a resolution to eat smaller portion sizes is something that will not make you feel overwhelmed and can help you achieve a bigger goal in the long run. Another ideas could include upping your water intake, no eating after 8pm or committing to taking the stairs!

2. Set one goal per month – This will help you to stay on track as well since your goals will be ever changing and will be made to fit with what you need/want at the time. It would be a fun way to change things up month to month and just think, at the end of the year you will have set and conquered 12 goals! Go you!

3. Be more willing to open up and express yourself. – We live in an era where it is cool to be “perfect”. How dare we show someone that our homes are not magazine ready, our children are not flawless, our lives are not perfect. Lets face it. None of us are any of those things. Life is crazy and messy. We are not all walking billboards for Pinterest and that is ok. If you have all these emotions bottled up inside then now is the time to open up about them and talk to those around you. It’s ok. If you don’t have someone to talk with then I recommend you start a journal. Let out all those emotions that you have been bottling inside.

4. Stop Procrastinating – Have you ever heard the saying that the busiest people get the most done? Do you know why? Because they don’t procrastinate. They get things done as soon as they arise. If you are someone who procrastinates then maybe this is the goal for you. Think of how nice it will be to not be rushing to get something done the before the night before it’s needed!

5. Stop Negative Self Talk – Are you someone who is constantly bashing yourself for not doing something right? We’ve all been there and it needs to stop now! You are more then you realize! If this is something you hear yourself doing frequently then maybe now is the time to change that bad habit!

6. Think of others more. – No matter how good you are, you can always be better. This year you could make a resolution to hold more doors open for others, smile more, give more hugs and just genuinely think of others and be kinder. If you are wanting to do something more then you can think about volunteering your time! We have a great list of places you can volunteer!

7. Complain less. – Here is another one that might be hard. We get stuck in our rut sometimes and it’s hard for us to see the positive in a situation. We start to think things like “why me?” or “no one else has to deal with this”. Those statements start to take us down a road of negativity and ruin our mindset. Maybe we could focus more on the positive aspects and help us stop complaining when things don’t go our way.

8. Become Tidier – Are you someone who has a hard time cleaning up after yourself? It’s ok, you are not alone! There are millions of people across the world who have the same issue weighing on them. Maybe this can be your year to put things away as soon as you are done with them. Or commit to something simple like making sure the dishes are done each night before going to bed. You can make this resolution as simple or as complicated as you like. Any step would be a step in a positive direction.

9. Disconnect from Social Media – We are a world who lives by technology. We can’t seem to go an hour without checking social media for fear that our “friends” might post something that we will “miss”. I mean, why comment or like it if you are not among the first 5? Right? If a WHOLE hour has past then it’s “so old news”…. Good thing that is not true! We can live and even survive without checking our social media as often as we do. If you are someone who seems to be constantly on social media then maybe you can set a goal for yourself to only check it, dare I say, 3 times a day!

10. Spend more time with loved ones. – It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day life and start to forget to stop and take the time out to see those that matter. One of your New Years Resolutions this year can be for you to take some time out to make fore visits to family or to call your loved ones more. Actually talk to them and reconnect those relationships that you might have lost amongst the busyness of your life.

11. Learn a new language. – We live in an era where we can have knowledge right at our finger tips. Did you know that with a FREE Mesa County Library card you can have access to Mango Learning Languages for free? Or that there are tons of free language apps such as Duolingo or LingoDeer that will teach you whatever language you might want to learn?

12. Get our of debt. – We live in a society of credit cards. Can you imagine what life might be like if you didn’t have those irksome interest rates or the not fun monthly credit card payments? What if this year you committed to one less Starbucks trip each week or less fast food? That money could easily be spent going toward those credit cards instead to help you pay off those balances at a faster rate.

13. Learn to DIY. – This resolution could be as fun as you want! Learn to knit, sew, bake, woodwork, plumbing skills, changing oil etc… DIY knowledge is always good to have!

14. Become more organized. – There are lots of outlets to help you achieve this goal and keep you motivated. Facebook groups like 40 Bags in 40 Days or even the Marie Kondo Netflix series can help to give you ideas on how to be more organized and let go of those items which are taking up more room then you have room for! Being more organized is a great item to add to your list of New Years Resolutions!

15. Date Nights! – Do you feel like you and your spouse are going in different directions? Is life getting in the way? Why not talk with your spouse and commit to going on date nights each month or even weekly! This will help you reconnect and unplug from life and find your spark again!

No matter what your New Years Resolutions might be we just hope that this year you conquer all that you set your heart to do! May your 2020 be the best year ever!

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