Month: December 2018

How to Pick a Toilet

Picking a toilet?  Does it cause you to lose sleep at night?  Do you dream of your porcelain throne?  Do you spend hours drifting in and out dreaming about how many magazines will soon be read while sitting in your bathroom ruminating on life?  Not many of us do!  We walk into our local big …

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Are Handymen Licensed?

The quick answer, is yes they should be.  But, here is the long answer.  There are so many types of different contractors, handymen, and guys that just work off the street that you might know, it makes it difficult to tell if they are actually legit. So how do you know?  Simple, you ask them. …

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Back to School

Now is the perfect time to get your home organized for the beginning of the school year.  And soon, it will be time to pack lunches and do homework.  Check out our pinterest page at to find the latest and greatest for back to school. And when the kids are gone all day, it is the …

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