3 Ways you can Dye your Easter Eggs

With the stay at home order and all the craziness at the stores I have noticed that there is a severe shortage of Easter Egg Dying Kits. I have seen many posts on social media about people who can not find kits or who do not want to leave their homes to get them. No matter your situation, I want you all to know that there are so many other ways out there that you can dye your Easter Eggs and still have fun with the kids. No need to have any special dye kits to get the job done. Below I have 3 Ways you can Dye your Easter Eggs!

#1 – Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream eggs are a fun way to get tye dye style eggs. All I had was neon gel colors so they are not as bright as I would like. But I am still impressed with how well they turned out. Just spray some shaving cream into a tin and add some food coloring around on the shaving cream. You can then mix it in or just mix it around on the hard boiled eggs as you spin them through the brightly colored foam.

The longer they sit in the shaving cream the darker they will be. I did not let mine sit long I was hoping for some lighter colors to go with some of the brighter colors from the other ways that I dyed them that are featured below. Just rolled them around and then cleaned them off under the running water faucet.

#2 Paper Towel and Spray Bottle Eggs

For the Paper Towel Eggs you will want to wrap your already hard boiled egg into a piece of paper towel. Spread the food coloring directly onto the paper towel and then spray it with a spray bottle that has been filled with a vinegar/water mixture. You will want 1 TBSP vinegar per cup of water. As before, the longer you leave them sit the brighter they will be.

#3 Pressure Cooker

This is the best way to dye eggs if you are looking for something quick and easy. Just put 10-12 drops of food coloring into each jar with 2 TBSP vinegar. Then add enough water to barley cover the fresh eggs. My pressure cooker fit 3 pint size jars and I put two eggs into each jar. Put 2 Cups of water into your pressure cooker and place the jars with the eggs inside. Make sure the jars are not touching. Then pressure cook for 7 minutes. Do a quick release when done. Then take some tongs and remove the eggs from the jars or dump into a strainer if the tongs wont fit into the jar mouths. These eggs will be brightly colored! Best part, they are dyed and hard boiled AT THE SAME TIME!

**Side note – the best way to hard boil eggs is in the pressure cooker. They only take 7 minutes and the shells are so easy to peel!

We hope that you are all being safe and staying healthy this Easter Season and that you enjoyed our 3 Ways to Dye Easter Eggs! We miss each one of you and we can’t wait to get this virus thing over with so we can get back to the fun projects we know that you have planned!

Happy Easter from our home to yours!

Mighty Man’s Wife, Kim

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