5 Easy Steps to Hiring a Handyman

1. Decide first what you are needing done. Make a list of all the different things that you would like for them to estimate, and then prioritize them by the funds you have available.

2. Make sure that they give you an estimate in the beginning before the job is started. Costs can add up quick in a project, and you don’t want a ton of unexpected costs killing your budget. There will be times when there are overages, due to unexpected problems. But, if you have a handyman who consistently charges you more than the estimate, then there is a problem!

3. Compare your prices. If you have a handyman that is significantly higher than anyone else this may be a red flag. Or, it may be that he is just very good at what he/she does. Know the money you are spending compared to the value you are receiving.

4. Do they have different places to check their work? Do they have a website? A Facebook page? References? Always check or know their work before you hire!

5. And last but not least. Please make sure they have a license and insurance. There is absolutely no protection for the homeowner if they don’t! And please do not pay them all your money up front! If they are a reputable company, the most they will ask for is half down so that they can cover employee pay, gas, transportation, and materials for your job! They do not need all of it at the beginning!

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12 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Hiring a Handyman”

  1. Amy Desrosiers

    I have learned to check so many reviews before I hire any handyman for a job. I have had great luck so far with finding good people.

  2. These are all great reminders. My Dad always did all of my repairs but now that he’s older and not in great health he can’t. So tips like these are a must for me to know now.

  3. We’ve never had to hire a handyman, only because my husband thinks he can fix anything. Though, usually he hits up youtube first lol.

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