5 Tips To Heat Your Home!

It sure has been cold this winter. These inversions are bitter this year and there are some days that I feel like I never get warm. With these inversions being so cold I recommend you take some time and make sure that your homes are not losing heat out of unexpected places. Doors, windows and your attic are places that frequently lose heat and will cost you more in the long run. Want to help stay warm this winter and lower your energy bill? Check out these 5 Tips To Heat Your Home Warm This Winter!

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Tips To Heat Your Home

1. Maintain your Furnace and HVAC unit. If you are looking for ways to keep your homes warmer this winter then the first thing you will want to do is make sure your unit is running smoothly. Changing out filters and making sure that vents are clear of furniture and such will help to make sure that your furnace is heating as it should be.

2. Replacing the screens on your window and screen doors with storm windows will add a second layer of protection from the cold. This will help you to keep the heat in your house and the cold outside.

Tips To Heat Your Home

3. Switching out your sheer summer time curtains for heavier curtains is another great way to add an extra layer of heat protection on your windows.

4. Replace weather stripping on your doors. For tips on how you can watch my video below!

5. Insulate your attic. This is a pretty easy DIY thing you can do to help keep in the heat. Just roll out the sheets of unbacked insulation between your floor joists. If there is already a layer you can always do a second layer! This is probably one of the most efficient things you can do to help lower your energy bill.

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