5 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Whether it’s the crunch of the snow or your freshly mowed grass we are constantly fighting the battle of high energy bills. It’s our gas bills in the winter and the electric bills in the summer, but we typically always find that we are spending more on our energy bills than we want to. In light of this and the cold snap we had recently in the Grand Valley, we wanted to provide a few tips on ways you can help lower your energy bill each month.

Switch To LED Light Bulbs

Even though the LED bulbs cost a bit more than regular incandescent bulbs, they are extremely efficient in comparison. It probably doesn’t make sense to go and replace every bulb in your house today, but as bulbs burn out replacing them with energy efficient LED bulbs will certainly yield significant savings as more and more bulbs are replaced. Keeping a watchful eye on which rooms are occupied and turning off the lights in empty rooms will also yield significant improvements.

Upgrade Single Pane Windows

With regard to heating and cooling bills, perhaps nothing will have so significant an impact as replacing those single pane windows. Single pane windows are in direct contact with the ambient temperature outside and will radiate that temperature into your home. Double paned windows provide that added layer of insulation on the window to ensure that hard earned temperature inside doesn’t escape to the outside, or vice versa.

Ensure Walls and Attic are Well Insulated

Next to the windows, poorly insulated walls and windows are a conduit directly to the outside. The benefit of modern innovations is that with spray in insulation it is becoming more efficient and cost effective to add a layer of insulation to those hard to reach places.

Plant Shade Trees Around the House

Those hot summer days are hard on just about everything. Not only from the temperature in your home but everything else that is exposed to those powerful UV rays. Planting shade trees around the house can provide significant cost savings on your energy bill, as well as provide added protection from the UV rays to the house itself.

Replace Old Appliances With Energy Efficient Models

Lastly, old appliances are another significant drain on our energy bills. Much like the LED bulbs, financially, most of us can’t just replace everything all at once and frankly it doesn’t make sense to replace a perfectly good appliance. In most instances, the sunk cost of purchasing the appliance will never be totally offset by the energy savings alone. However, when appliances need to be replaced keeping in mind the energy efficiency of the new replacements will help decrease those bills. In addition to old appliances, most people don’t realize the unused appliances which are plugged in still draw a little bit of power off of the grid. This is why it is a good idea to unplug anything which isn’t being used such as toasters, countertop mixers, charging cords, etc. Unless it is actively being used, unplugging it will save energy.

Obviously, there are many different ways to make our homes more energy efficient, but these are five ways that can drastically improve our energy usage. While no one action alone will likely result in a dramatic change, when compounded together the impacts can be significant. If you need help with your next energy efficiency upgrade or just want some advice on your next project, give Mighty Man a call!

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