A Mighty House Makeover Update!

There is a lot going on here at This Flipping House! Yep, that’s what we are now calling it! You might have noticed that we are not posting all of our house flip videos on Mighty Man’s Facebook page any more. But you can still follow along with the project by following us on The Flipping House on Facebook, Mighty Man’s Instagram, Mighty’s YouTube Channel or here on the Blog! We love seeing how many of you are enjoying the journey along with us and we are so grateful for all of the encouragement and comments that are coming in on all of our social media channels! Thank you all for helping us to do what we love.

Here are a few video updates that we have been able to accomplish at the new house this week!

September 30th –

We started Demoing the house! Bye, Bye Kitchen!

October 2nd-

October 3rd-

October 5th-

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