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Are Handymen Licensed?

The quick answer, is yes they should be.

 But, here is the long answer.  There are so many types of different contractors, handymen, and guys that just work off the street that you might know, it makes it difficult to tell if they are actually legit.

So how do you know?  Simple, you ask them.  Ask them to see proof of their license.  This is not hard if you have actually done the work to get one.  They may have a city license, or a state license, but they should have one, if they are going to be doing work for you.  

The city they work in usually also has a site where you can go to look up a contractor.  You can check  if they are up to date on paying for their license.  Here is what you would find on Mesa County, Grand Junction, Colorado website.

You can see above Mighty Man is on the list, along with a few others.  This is all public knowledge, to which you can go and check anytime.  And I suggest you do look.  In fact, check before each job.  You never know what might happen that they could lose their license.  You can check from the comfort of your own home, so, why wouldn’t you?  Here is the link for Mesa County, Colorado:

Check your local county as well.  Just search Contractor licensing in your county for 2018.

This is one great first step in making sure you are hiring a great handyman or contractor.  Happy remodeling!

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