Best Christmas Lights in Grand Junction!

Crestview Neighborhood (Access from 27 1/2 Rd and Bell Ridge ct.)

Mickey & Minnie walk through display – Santa Clara Ave. This is a free and fun family event. They even have Santa on the weekends and free hot cocoa!

The Blue House – Partridge Ct (located on 26 Road, north of Patterson). The owner of this house died this past year and I am hoping that this does not mean the end to these beautiful lights that have become a family tradition for so many years.

H Rd & 27 1/4 has a light show set to a radio station 96.9. It’s a fun one!

Northridge on 26 Road is another great place to see lights. There is also a fun light show up there that is also set to a radio station. The show is currently 18 minutes long and worth the wait.

2625 H Road. We found a house that was FILLED with huge unique inflatables! So fun to look at.

1045 24 Road is another fun light show set to a radio station. Just turn the dial to 104.1!

What are some of your favorite lights to see each year?

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