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    It so happens that Mighty Man did not start out as a handyman! He used to work long hours in a tire factory. Averaging over 60 hours a week usually. It was dirty and nasty work, and he wanted something else for his life. He was single and had no one else to worry about at that time.  So he took a gamble, got a loan, and started building homes from the ground up. It was his passion, as it had been for his grandpa Neer before him. He learned everything he needed to know about building from his grandpa. Grandpa gave him a loan and set him off to build his first home. Not only did he build it, he sold it! He started on more, and built many homes in Missouri until 2008, when the market crashed. He had met his great wife and kids by then, and had gotten married and was now a dad! His wife, Kim, was also in real estate, so you can imagine how the crash affected them. They needed money and they needed it fast! Mighty Man Handyman was born! Jeff figured as long as people were keeping their homes, because they couldn’t afford to sell them, then they would need to fix them. He learned how to do it all those first few years! What he didn’t know already, he learned fast. Jeff actually thought he would eventually go back to being a home builder one day. But, he has loved being a handyman so much that he has stayed at it.

    What could he possibly love about it?

     He loves new challenges everyday, fixing new problems, figuring out issues, working with people who become friends, and the money isn’t bad either. Ha! Anyway, Mighty Man would love to become your friend as well. So call him today! If he can’t fix it, no one can!!


    Mighty Man

    Owner and Handyman

    Kim Neer

    Office Manager and Mighty Man’s Wife


    Virtual Assistant