Create More Inviting Kitchen Countertops!

More Inviting Kitchen Countertops

If you think that your kitchen is the most used room in your house you are probably not alone. That is why it is always so important to keep your kitchen countertops clean and inviting for yourself and the guests that are sure to pop in.

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5 Tips for More Inviting Kitchen Countertops

1. Less is more. One place you don’t want to have clutter is your kitchen countertops. When it comes to cooking and baking you will want all the space you can get! Try to keep unused small appliances and clutter off the counters to free up space. Try instead to place accent pieces and/or fresh cut flowers in the spots that get the most clutter to help remind you to keep those piles of bills and other unwanted items off the counters. One thing to remember is the less you have on your countertops, the bigger and more inviting your kitchen will look.

2. Every family has those certain small appliances that they use on a daily basis. Those appliances that would be more of a hassle to get out and put away day after day. You may want to keep those appliances out but we recommend you find a place that is out of the way from your other daily tasks and cooking. Also it is a good idea to come up with a way to keep those pesky cords hidden and not strung out across your countertops.

3. Find a way to display every day practical items such as your hand and dish soaps, coffee mugs and knives. For example your dish soaps can be poured into beautiful glass containers with push pumps and the coffee mugs can be hung from decorative hooks on your walls. Let this be the areas where you can really make your kitchen your own by finding new and unique ways to show off your style.

4. It is easy for items on your counter to look like clutter. You can add a fun tray under the items to help make it look like everything is more put together. Maybe think about adding a decorative tray under your canisters, most used spices and oils or under the fruit bowl.

More Inviting Kitchen Countertops

5. Flowers and plants are a great way to add pops of color and some life to your kitchen. Maybe think about planting some herbs or some year round blooms into decorative pots. These would be a great addition to a window seal or a hanging basket.

No matter what your kitchen style is you are sure to be much happier in your space by following these 5 steps for More Inviting Kitchen Countertops!

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