Decorating Your Home on A Budget

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Decorating Your Home on A Budget

Have you ever passed a catalog cover or seen a Pinterest pin that gave you home envy? Maybe you have a friend whose home is always beautifully decorated and organized and it makes you weary to invite them over to see how you have decorated your home. Maybe you just do not feel at home in your home because you have never been able to decorate it how you want. If you have ever had these feelings then you are definitely not alone. That is why I am here to help you out and to let you know that decorating your home on a budget is possible!

Make a Plan

The first step is to decide what room or rooms that you would like to redecorate. Sit down and decide how you want it to look. What statement pieces do you already have that you want to utilize and what items can you let go of. If you feel like you are lost and not sure where to start then I recommend taking everything off your walls and remove everything out of the room that you can. Start with an empty slate and go from there. Once everything is out of the room and off the walls it will be easier to envision what you want to incorporate back into that space.

Decorating Your Home on A Budget


Adding a coat of paint to your walls will be a sure fire way to add some life to your room. You can check out our post on Popular Colors to Paint each room in your Home. One way to help do this on a budget is to hit up your local paint stores and see if they have any of their mismatched paints that people did not want. They will usually sells these paints to you at an extreme discount and usually have some really neat colors! If it is a kitchen you are looking to redo then look into painting your cabinets and adding some hardware.

Update Furniture

Furniture is usually the most expensive part of redecorating your home. Usually it is not actually new pieces of furniture you need, but instead just an update. Watching videos on how to refurbish your old furniture will help you save a pretty penny. Another great idea is reupholstering your own chairs and/or adding slip covers to outdated couches and recliners. You can find slip covers and upholstery fabric at a fraction of the cost and both are very easy to do on your own.

Update Window Treatments

Another way to make over a room quickly is to update your window treatments. Light colored curtains will add an airy feel to any room where as dark curtains will add warmth and look more formal. To help make your room look bigger, think about adding long curtains and hanging them a few inches higher then your window.

Decorating Your Home on A Budget

Paint Your Light Fixtures

Adding a coat of spray paint to a light fixture is a great way to help with decorating your home on a budget. It will add a more classic and updated look to your room. People will notice the change and not even realize that you in fact did not go out and purchase new fixtures!

Wall Décor

Take your time with re-adding wall décor. This is an area where less is more and people can really overdo it. Add the wall décor piece by piece and make sure it is really what you want and where you want it. Think about using items like Command Strips to hang your décor so you are not adding holes to walls and you can easily remove or move around your wall art.

Decorating Your Home on A Budget

Accent Pieces

When it comes to accent pieces you will quickly find that thrift stores, DIY projects, and garage sales are your best friend. It amazes me how many Dollar Store DIY projects you find on the internet as well as the amount of décor that people are selling for cheap. You can also set up new listing notifications on your social media accounts to let you know when items with specific key words are listed for sale.

Decorating your home on a budget and giving your home an update can be easier then you think. We are excited to see what you do to your home! Let us know in the comments below!

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