DIY Dog Supply Organizer

It is that time of year again. There are puppies for sale all over the valley. If you are in the market for a dog this is defiantly the time to buy. If buying is not your thing then I know there are some great dogs up for adoption as well. In fact I just saw 5 of them on the Roice-Hurst websight this morning. No matter how you acquire your dog you will have a best friend for life. If you have a dog, or are looking to get one, then you might enjoy making this DIY Dog Supply Organizer. This can make it easy to find your leash, brush, toys, treats and more!

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DIY Dog Supply Organizer


Step 1 – Lay out your plain wooden sign flat on a sturdy table. You can make your own sign or purchase one. I know that Hobby Lobby had a lot of fun options if you do not want to make your own.

Step 2 – Lay out all of the items on your sign to figure out placement. This is the time to play around with layout and decide where you want everything to be.

Step 3 – Stick double sided tape on the back of your pet sign and place it where you want it on your wooden sign.

Step 4 – Attach your dog treat holder. I found a cup that already had a hook which made it easy to slide the hook between the wood boards to attach it. However, you can use a mason jar as well and attach it by using a hose clamp that you can easily wrap around the jar top and screw into the wooden board.

Step 5 – Screw on hooks. If you are worried about making them even you can mark with a pencil where your screws need to be placed.

DIY Dog Supply Organizer

Step 6 – Add embellishments. You can add embellishments and/or stickers to decorate your DIY Dog Supply Organizer to fit your style.

DIY Dog Supply Organizer

Step 7 -Hand and enjoy!

DIY Dog Supply Organizer

This DIY Dog Supply Organizer is not only cute but it is functional. No more searching to find your pet supply items. It’s all easily accessible and in one place.

What would you organize on this DIY Dog Supply Organizer?

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18 thoughts on “DIY Dog Supply Organizer”

  1. This is so perfect for me! We have a haphazard pile of stuff by the door, and it’s not only unsightly, it’s downright snarled.

  2. I need to make one of these for our girl, Lola. She is such a sweetie and she has the cutest gear. This would be perfect for keeping it organized and showing it off.

  3. I need to make something like this for our dog’s stuff.. I think I found the husband’s new project lol

  4. That is such an awesome organizer. I don’t have any dogs, but hopefully someday. Just cats for me for now. Love this idea!

  5. I am a huge DIY person and happy to do anything because it’s DIY. This is pretty creative in many ways. I love the end result.

  6. I love this dog supply organizer. We have multiple leashes that need a permanent home. I really want that sign.

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