DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Décor

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Farmhouse décor seems to be all the rage right now, but some of it can have a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a fun farmhouse look with a cheaper price tag then here is a fun DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Décor Craft to try.

When you look at old farmhouse décor it is no secret that you will find greenery and old window panes. Here is a fun dollar store hack that can give you that same look at a MUCH cheaper price.

Items Needed:

  • (6) 8×10 picture frames
  • willow wreath base
  • flowers and/or greenery
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue gun
  • command strips (optional)

First, you will start off with making your wreath. To do this you will need to take wire cutters and cut the wires for each piece of greenery. Once they are cut, you can push them into the willow wreath. Make sure the wreath is full so that there are no bare parts.

Once the wreath is completed, you can get to work on the picture frames.

Take the backs and paper out of the frames. Only leaving the frame and the glass. You can also use pliers to remove the little photo holders as well. Just be careful so you do not brake the glass or your frame.

Once you have the frames all prepped you can turn them all upside down and lay them out onto your work area. The photo above has three frames on top and three on the bottom. If you have a bigger wreath you can also do 4 frames on top and 4 on the bottom.

Once your frames are laid out you will want to take your heated hot glue gun down the sides of each frame and along the inside around the glass. Press the frames firmly together. Only gluing one side at a time.

Attach the wreath. I used command strips to attach the wreath so that it can be changed out for different seasons to give the room different looks. You can of course do whatever you would like. To attach you can also tie burlap ribbon around the wreath and hang above the “window panes” or use the hot glue to attach.

Hang and enjoy!

We hope that you enjoy this DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse DIY Decor Project!

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  1. Man oh man would my hubby love me even more if I would take the time to do more creative things like this. Imagine how much money it would save in decor:)

  2. i love to make different things from these DIY ideas..this one is really amazing and interesting..gonna surely try this out..Thanks for sharing.,..

  3. I love DIYing stuff from cheap shops like the dollar store! We have something similar over here and I could spend hours picking things just to take them home and completely dismantle them.

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