DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath

The weather has been perfect in Grand Junction this week. I love visiting all my clients homes and seeing the variety of flowers blooming in their yards. Such a great time of year. Everything is so bright, new, and fresh.

In celebration of Spring time and warmer temperature, I thought I would share with you a fun DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath project. These wreaths are fast and fun to make, and the possibilities of floral combinations are endless.

You will Need:

  1. Pool Noodle
  2. Various Ribbon, Tulle or Burlap to cover pool noodle
  3. Assortment of Flowers
  4. Strong Tape
  5. Wire Cutters
  6. Anything else you want to add to your Wreath. Have fun with it and think outside of the box.


Step 1 – Visit your local dollar store and stock up on the flower and ribbon combination that best suits you. I like the Purple and white combination that is pictured below. Also make sure to purchase a pool noodle. That is what you will use for the main part of the wreath.

Step 2 – Form a circle with the pool noodle. Use a strong tape to tape it together. This noodle was stuck together with packaging tape, because that’s what was on hand. But duct tape or any other strong tape would work as well. After the pool noodle is taped together, you will want to reshape it into the perfect circle you want for your wreath.

Step 3 – Take whatever Ribbon, Tulle, or Burlap you purchased to cover your wreath. This is a pretty burlap with lace that is pictured. It took 3 of them to fully cover the pool noodle and to make a cute tie to place it on the door.

Step 4 – Once the wreath is fully covered, you can tuck the ribbon/burlap into the fold of where you started. That is also where you need to start to place the flowers so that it will help hold the burlap into place.

Step 5 – Take wire cutters and clip the flowers off the bouquet. Leave about 1 1/2″- 2″ of the wire to make sure you can secure it into your pool noodle wreath.

Step 6 – After you clip your flowers, you will want to peel back the green plastic from off the wire. This will make is much easier to insert into the pool noodle.

Step 7 – Start to press your flowers into your wreath arranging them however you like.

It’s nice to start by pressing three of the largest flowers into one section of the wreath. Doing that helps to set the tone for the whole wreath. After those first three flowers, you can fill in the empty spaces by alternating the other flowers/colors that you purchased.

You can also add some smaller flowers to the opposite side of the wreath to help balance it all out.

Step 8 – Make a tie around the wreath and hang it to display for all of your friends and loved ones!

What Colors Are You Planning On Using For Your DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath?

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17 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath”

  1. I love wreaths, they really look cute and they are a great door decoration. I love especially the ones with dry flowers. Yours also look stunning! 🙂

  2. I love this! The funny thing…I was just thinking I needed a new wreath for my door. Even though, I must say, you make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a cute idea! It’s also a good way to use those random extra ribbons and flowers I have around the house from previous assorted art projects.

  4. I’ve made a few wreaths from Dollar store flowers. They always have some beautiful seasonal flowers. I have never thought to use a pool noodle. That’s an incredibly smart idea. The foam wreaths usually fall apart or are very difficult to add flowers to. The noodles solves the problem.

  5. I am such a huge fan of any type of DIYs. This looks so fun to try and exciting to accomplish. The end result is grand.

  6. Wow that came out beautifully! Never would have guessed that started out as a pool noodle! I’m getting into dollar store crafts and it’s really amazing how the items can be transformed!

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