DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

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It is no secret that this year the kiddos will not be bringing home a Mother’s Day gift that they made at school. It is up to you Dads to make sure that her day is special. This year, many Moms are not only filling the role of ‘mom,’ but they are also doing the home school bit which is not easy. They deserve the world! We know that shopping is limited to say the least right now and if you have not already ordered a gift online then you have a very slim chance of it getting here on time. That is why we are here to show you a quick and easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea that she is sure to love!

DIY Mother's Day Gift Idea

Every Mom loves gifts from the heart and if her kids have made it, then it just makes it all the more special. That is why these DIY Hand Print Mother’s Day Planters are sure to be a hit.

For the supplies, you will need terracotta pots, beautiful flowers to fit inside, and some craft paint.



  1. First, you will want to add some paint to your flower pot. I wanted the kids’ hand prints to really show up so I decided on white for the main part with accent colors around the top rim and on the base.

2. Let fully dry.

3. Paint the hand of one of your littles.

4. Press their little hand print onto the pot.

5. Plant your pretty flowers!

DIY Mother's Day Gift Idea

We truly hope that all of you Mothers out there have a very special and blessed Mother’s Day and that you all enjoy this DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

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DIY Mother's Day Gift Idea

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23 thoughts on “DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea!”

  1. I like the colorful combination of the potting plants, all mothers would truly appreciate this. It’s not all about money, but to show how we care, the hand prints touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  2. These are seriously cute and I love how simple they are too! This year is all about DIY presents for us and I know so many moms will appreciate having something made just for them.

  3. I just love do it yourself gifts! I think that these flower pots look really cute, even though they are simple! Great idea for a Mother’s Day gift! 🙂

  4. I love this idea! My kids are all too big–their hands won’t fit and I bet they won’t let me, lol. But this would be a great project to do with the grandbabies.

  5. these are wonderful as a teacher I will have to pinch this idea and use it in the classroom for other things such as Christmas etc as they are just so wonderful!

  6. Oh these are perfect for Mother’s Day! I should tell my mom about this so she can link the craft to her classroom for her students to try out.

  7. I’m really looking for a gift to my mother this mother’s day. And then I found your blog or content, I will take note of this and consider this. Hopefully my mom would like it!

  8. This is such a thoughtful gift to give your mother for mother’s day. The little hands will always remind her of the love she has for her children.

  9. blair villanueva

    Aww this is the cutest gift idea! Very personal and easy to make. Kids love to color!

  10. I think plants are always a great idea for a present but the hand print makes it more special! Great for mOther’s Day indeed!

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