DIY Rust Prevention

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Rust is the formation of Iron Oxide which shows up in the form of orange and brown discoloration that you may notice building up metals. Rust can wreak havoc and cost thousands of dollars of damage if you let it the rust or corrosion go too long. Think Silver Bridge disaster of 1967! Prevention of rust will go a long way in helping to prolong the life of your equipment.

  1. Store Indoors – when possible it is a good idea to store your items indoors. Water and humidity is the number one cause of rust on most equipment and storing inside will go a long way to help cut down on the amount of time that the equipment is out in the weather where it can attract moisture that will lead to rust.
  2. Coat with oil – this is not something that can be done will all tools and equipment. But if possible, coat what you can with a thin layer of oil. You have heard time and time again that water and oil don’t mix. That protective coat of oil will help keep the water out of your equipment and prevent the corrosion from starting.
  3. Rust Resistant Alloys – Using rust resistant alloys like stainless steel and weathering steal will help keep rust at bay. To put it simply, these alloys have a thin rust resistant coating on them to help prevent the moisture from getting in. When you can, it is always better to buy stainless steel or other weathering steal.
  4. Clean it – As soon as rust appears you should do what you can to clean it off. This will help keep the rusts spots to a minimum and keep them from growing larger.
  5. Paint it – Again, paint will not be something that can be used on all metals. But if possible to use paint, do it. It will provide a protective barrier between the metal and the water that is trying to get in.

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