Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath

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Nothing says Summer quite like Flip Flops. Okay, maybe not all the guys feel that way but I’m sure that you gals do. Especially when you go get your pedicures and want to show off your “super cute toes,” am I right? Well, here is another fun idea to do with some fun cute flip flops! Check out the tutorial below for a fun Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath.

Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath

Items Needed:

  • Wire Wreath
  • 8 pairs of flip flops
  • cute decorations (optional)
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue gun


  1. Flip the wire wreath over and place an upside down flip flop under it. Wrap the flip flop with a pipe cleaner around one of the flip flop nobs.

2. Weave the pipe cleaner in and out of the wire wreath and attach the pipe cleaner to the top nob of the flip flop. This will help to hold the flip flop into place.

3. Follow this process with all of the flip flops all the way around the wreath.

Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath

4.Flip the wreath over and make sure that your flip flops are securely in place. If some of the nobs on your flip flops are moving a lot then you may need to hot glue them into place.

Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath

5. Place your fun decorations ( if you have them ) where you would like them and hot glue them onto your Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath.

Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath

We hope that you enjoy making this fun Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath. It is always fun to decorate your front door with something festive and it sure does look like the perfect decoration for these warm months.

We hope you are enjoying every minute of your summer! It is a great time of year to get outside and spend time with family and just enjoy living in the beautiful country we live in.

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