Nothing is worse than standing in the shower and taking a bath from your ankles down. Or brushing your teeth and watching the sink fill up as you try to rinse your mouth out. 

Clogged drains are no laughing matter though. They can be symptoms of a much more serious or costly problem. Maintaining a clean plumbing system is usually pretty easy so long as we take some precautions and give it a little bit of thought before we send things spinning down the drain. 

The first thing to remember is that the toilet and drains in our homes go somewhere. They don’t magically transport everything that goes down to a far away magical place. There are plenty of twists, turns, and bends in those pipes where things can get caught and start to pile up. Some of these turns are deliberate such as the drain traps you see underneath a sink. (The drain trap is the “u” shaped bend in the pipe.) These traps serve a very important purpose. Namely, to keep sewer gas out of your home by leaving a small portion of the pipe with water in it to create a barrier. They’re also handy just in case you drop something valuable such as a piece of jewelry down the drain. Usually, it will sink to the bottom of the trap and you can retrieve it fairly easy. This is also the problem. Things can sink and start to collect in the trap and can start causing that drain to slow down. If your drains are starting to slow down the first thing to check is that your drain trap is clean and free from debris. 

Some drains aren’t as easy to clean out though. Getting to the drain trap in your shower or tub will typically require a good sized hole in the wall, so what do you do here? The best trick is to keep it clean in the first place. The biggest problem in most households is long hair which collects and builds in the drain. To prevent this, we like to use a handy shower drain attachment. For any household with long hair these are essential!

Keeping drains free from foreign objects isn’t quite that easy. You’d be surprised of the things I’ve seen or heard of being extracted from a toilet: mouse traps, blueberry cans, watches, phones, etc. due to little children. For these situations I recommend a good drain snake. These are pretty good for removing junk that gets flushed or when the kids put the whole roll in all at once. They’re a handy tool to have on hand for those projects that require a bit more effort. 

Drains are a vital part of our homes and keeping them in good working order is important. If your drains need a bit of a tune up call Mighty Man today.

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