Easy DIY Thankful Craft Idea!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. Sometimes we rush through life so fast that we forget to stop and just be thankful for what we have. We are truly a blessed country. I believe that there is still more good in this world than there is bad and I am grateful for living here, our clients, our home, our family and friends, and so much more. We are truly blessed.

This Thanksgiving season we would love to know how you put Thankfulness in the for front of your lives. Are there any family traditions you have around Thanksgiving? Do you feel like you stop and take more time to be grateful this time of year?

I have seen so many fun ideas recently, posting something you are thankful for daily on social media, putting up your Christmas tree early and putting a thankful thought on the tree until December when the family takes the Thankful thoughts off and decorates it for Christmas, Thankful jars where you put in something each day and read them all at the end of the month. So many great ideas circulating and this year I wanted to do something fun as well.

Recently I was doing some shopping at Hobby Lobby and I came across these cute signs. Then the next aisle I hit happened to be the chalk boards. It got me to thinking. How fun it would be for me to display my daily gratitude for all to see. Plus, this craft is incredibly easy to make. Just grab a cute Thanksgiving sign and a chalk board. Tape them together and Voila! A perfect sign to display in your home that you can write your daily gratitude out on.

Each morning I am able to erase what I wrote the day before and write out something else I am thankful for. It is so nice to see it throughout the day and it has really helped to remind me to be more grateful for all of my many blessings.

This holiday season I hope that you are able to put the hustle and bustle of life aside and focus on how wonderful your life really is!

What are you most Thankful for this season?

Mighty Mans Wife!


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