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Head on over to our main website page and sign up for our email subscription because we have a fun treat in store. Not only do we send informative emails and reminders, but we also like to keep our subscribers up to date on all the fun things Mighty Man does. Starting this week, we will begin having a weekly email with exclusive things. 

On the first Monday of the month you will get our Makeover Monday. In it we will share which makeover was our favorite, and all the details on what we did and how we did it.

On Tip Tuesday (the second Tuesday of the month) you will get an insider handyman tip, Mighty Man will share his DIY secrets

On Tool Thursday (the third Thursday) you will get a tool tip for the week.

And lastly on Food Friday (the fourth Friday) of the week, Mighty Man will share one of his favorite recipes. 

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Mighty Man wishes you and your family a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

If you still need some recipes for thanksgiving, check out our Pinterest page or Mighty Man’s Wife on Facebook. 

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