Fall Crops to Plant on the Western Slope!

We are so blessed to live where we live. Gardens are thriving in this valley. There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes off the vine or a bite out of a home-grown watermelon. A few years ago, Mighty Man built these amazing DIY Raised Garden Boxes and they worked perfectly for all of our spring – fall growing needs.

Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to plant in those fall gardens! We live in such a wonderful place where we can have cool weather crops in the spring and then again in the fall.

In July –

July is a great time to start your beets, broccoli, bush beans, cabbage, carrots, chard, rutabagas, turnips. Keep these items in mind when you start to clear out your spring crops. Make sure you leave enough space for the items you are going to want to replant.

In August –

August is the perfect time to get your arugula, bok choy, kale, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, peas, spinach. These items prefer the cooler months and will really get going once September’s cooler weather hits.

In September –

September is the perfect time to plant some radishes. There are not a whole lot of crops that you can plant in September and get to fully grow before the first frost. But one crop you can count on is radishes!

Items to plant right before frost to over winter in your garden for an early spring harvest!

Are you thinking of planting anything to over winter in your garden? Doing so makes for an early spring harvest. You can plant seeds like garlic, onions, leeks, spinach and beets. This will allow for them to begin growing as soon as mother nature is ready for them!

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