Fall into Winter

The change in the seasons brings more than crinkly leaves and that cool crisp air. It brings changes to some of our most common everyday items. A little bit of maintenance each fall helps to ensure we can enjoy a fun, safe, and expense free fall, winter  and forthcoming spring. Mighty Man Handyman here reminding you of some simple maintenance items to keep your house in ship shape this winter.  

  1. Sprinkler System Blow Out – we all love our lush green lawns, and a properly maintained sprinkler system is critical for these hot, dry summers. As the temperatures drop though the risk of water freezing in your sprinkler system increases. If it does freeze,  the damage can be catastrophic! Tracking down and replacing all those line breaks is time consuming, costly, and a major headache come spring. Save the stress by properly winterizing your sprinklers. 
  2. Rain Gutter Clean Out – the beautiful colors, falling leaves, and holidays are fast approaching, but those pretty leaves come at a cost. If you have large trees surrounding your home, be sure to check your rain gutters and keep them free from debris to  ensure they function efficiently this winter. Plugged rain gutters often freeze and start overflowing onto unwanted areas potentially creating hazards around the home. Mighty Man recommends a simple garden hose attachment to spray that unwanted debris out  of your gutters each fall. You can get one on amazon, like the Orbit Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand.
  3. Winterize Swamp Coolers – nothing is worse than that first scorcher of the summer when you go to fire up the swamp cooler and can’t get it working. Proper winter maintenance is crucial to keep your house nice and cool next summer. 
  4. Deck Staining – we all love a relaxing evening out on the deck, but they sure take a beating each winter. Lots of snow, ice, standing water, and freezing temperatures pound our decks each winter. Fall is the ideal time to show your deck a little love by  giving it a fresh coat of stains and sealants to help protect it all winter long. We love using Cabot deck stain for our projects.
  5. Don’t forget to disconnect and drain your garden hoses, replace furnace filters, and check your fireplaces too. 

  Mighty Man Handyman is the Grand Valley’s trusted resource for knocking out your fall to-do list. Call him today for a free, no obligation quote, or to schedule your fall maintenance. 

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