Free Letter to Santa & Christmas Wish List Printables

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I have seen a number of people who are putting up their Christmas trees and getting ready for Christmas already. It seems that so many of us are ready for 2020 to be over with and they are looking for a way to make the year end on a cheerful note. Christmas is such a beautiful time of year, so it is no wonder that putting up your tree a bit early might make you feel a little more joy in your heart.

Whether you like to put up your decorations early or wait ’til after Thanksgiving is up to you. But one thing is for certain, the kids are already getting excited about the big guy and what they may find under their tree this year.

This pandemic has been hard on many of the kids. Their hole worlds were turned upside down for something that they don’t even fully understand. This year we would like to help bring them a little more joy. We have created a Christmas Wish List Printable to help get the kids ready for the Christmas Season. We hope you enjoy!

Free Letter to Santa Printable

Letter to Santa

Free Christmas Wish List Printable

Letter to Santa

We hope these brightly colored printables help to get the kids excited for the Holiday Season! If you think this is something they would enjoy then please click the images or the links above to save and print!

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