How Amazon Alexa Can Help You Stay Organized

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How Amazon Alexa Can Help You Stay Organized

The New Year is here! It’s about time that we said good-bye to 2020. The start of the New Year also means the start of New Years Resolutions. This year one of the top Resolutions among many American’s is to be more organized. One way you can start the year off right is to have Alexa help you stay organized and on task.

Most people know that Alexa can answer questions and play music. But many people do not know that you can also set up your Alexa to be used as your own personal assistant. By using the Echo Dot in your home and/or downloading the Alexa app on your smartphone, you will have very easy access to getting an Uber, ordering food, starting your nightly meditation, keeping your calendar set, adding items to your to-do list, setting multiple timers to go off when you need them, and more.

Now that we have told you about a few fun things that Alexa, let’s talk about how to set it all up so you can actually use Alexa to her fullest capacity.

One way you can utilize Alexa is to add the Alexa app to your smartphone. Once you do that, you will have access to all of your apps through Alexa. She can then aid you in ordering an Uber, ordering out, or adding items to a grocery list. To do this you will need to go into the “Skills” section of the app and set it up to be used with the apps you would like Alexa to have control over. Adding to your grocery list is just one way that Alexa can make things easier. You can also allow it to have access to some of your restaurant apps so that ordering out will become a breeze. Did I also mention that Alexa can walk you through a workout program? Now that’s amazing! Just download the app on any Android or iOS and head to the skills tab to get started!

Another great way to put Alexa to use is to use her calendar feature. By logging into, you can sync your calendars with Alexa. Once your calendar is uploaded to the site, you will then be able to ask Alexa what you have on your agenda for the day, as well as make changes to your existing calendar. She can remind you of everything from upcoming meetings to when you need to change the oil in your car. The sky is the limit with what you can put into your Alexa calendar!

Using Alexa’s timer can help you to stay on task. With Alexa, you can set multiple timers. For example, you can ask Alexa to set a timer for “5 Minutes,” so that she can alert you when your cookies are done. You can also set a timer for 4pm to remind you to stop working and start getting ready for your night on the town. Have a child in time out? Set Alexa, and you and your child will easily know when their time is up. This is another sky’s the limit feature!

Do you have multiple Echo devices in your home? By syncing them together, you can use them as an intercom function as well. Just ask Alexa to let your household know that it is time for dinner or time to wake up. No matter the message, it can be broadcast to each device in every room. No more yelling!

Life is hectic, and I am grateful for things that can help take a little weight off my shoulders. If you have an Alexa in your home I recommend you check out some of these great features to help take some of your day-to-day stresses away.

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