How to Catch a Leprechaun

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This time of year, catching a leprechaun is on the minds of everyone. The thought of being able to catch a leprechaun and being able to receive three wishes is an enticement worth trying for. But, as all of you who have tried and failed know, it is not an easy feat. These mythical creatures are much nimbler than one might think. So, I am here to help you come up with a few trap ideas that can help you lure them into your clutches. So, grab your kids and get started on these fun leprechaun trap ideas.

When it comes to building a trap make sure to include the three things that leprechauns can’t get enough of. I’m talking about the Color Green, Rainbows and lots of GOLD!

Here are a few tried and true ways that I have done that are sure to catch you a leprechaun.

Shoe Box method – get yourself a shoe box (or a box of any kind will do) and decorate it in all of a leprechaun’s favorite things. Once it is finished, prop it up upside down with a dowl, or even a pencil or something similar. Under the propped-up box, you can place some gold that will be sure to catch the little bugger’s eye. When he tries to get that gold, the trap will fall on him and trap him inside. Don’t have gold to entice him? Lucky Charms cereal has been known to catch a leprechaun or two as well.

Trapped floor method – This can be a fun way to set a trap. Just find yourself an old oatmeal container of cylinder container of some sort to decorate. Once you have it decorated, you will want to place something enticing on the top of the container and build your mythical creature a ladder so he can climb to the top. Once on top, the floor can cave in and trap him inside.

Another way is to find the end of a rainbow. Once you do, you will know where the leprechaun’s lair is. This is the perfect place to wait him out or to set a trap. He is sure to come out at some point to admire his pot of gold at the end of his rainbow.

Looking for a more fool proof trap? Check out the Leprechaun trap that Mighty Man made a few years ago!

When you catch one, don’t forget to use your three wishes wisely as these practical jokers will be cunning in trying to trick you out of what you earned.

If your trap does not work, don’t get discouraged. You may need to set it in a different place or set it up a bit differently next year. One way that you can know for sure that you are in the right vicinity is by the trail of green and gold glitter or gold coins that he drops as he is running by.

Hope you all have some fun and make some amazing memories as you try to capture these mischievous little people.

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