How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights

Christmas light season is upon us which could mean dealing with broken lights. There is nothing worse than stringing up an entire tree only to find that one of the lights is preventing them all from working properly. That is why Might Man has come up with a sure fire way to prevent trashing those strands and having to purchase more. Because, lets face it, just because they worked when you put them away, does not mean they will work now. So here is a list of different scenarios and how to handle them.

Entire String is Not Working

If you plug in your string and you find that the entire string is not working you may need to replace the fuse. This is a simple repair and can be achieved by taking a small screwdriver and popping out the old fuse and re-placing it with a new fuse. Just make sure that you use a fuse that is the required rating to use in light strands.

One or Two Lights Out

It can be discouraging to plug in a strand and find one or two of the lights out. Luckily most strands now come with a few replacement lights. After giving the lights a wiggle you will be able to see if the bulb is truly out or if it was just loose.

Only Half the Strand Lights

Sometimes half the strand may be out because of one or two missing lights. This can now be an easy fix. You can find bulb test kits at your local hardware store. This will allow you to quickly check each and every bulb.

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