How to Keep Your Grass Green

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Things have been heating up here in the Grand Valley, which means that it will be harder and harder to keep that grass looking green and lush. With these record breaking highs you might be wondering if there is more that you can do to help keep that grass looking healthy and green instead of all dried up.

Watering –

It is best to water your lawn 2-3 times a week to help your grass. This will help your roots to grow deeper which in turn will help with the overall health of your lawn. Watering is best done in the early mornings to allow more of the water to soak into the ground. Watering during the heat of the day is not encouraged as the summer heat will cause most of the water to evaporate before it can reach the roots.

Bare Spots –

You will need to replant any bare spots you might have. When purchasing a grass seed make sure that you purchase something that will accommodate your lawn and climate. For example there are grass seeds that are better for cooler weather and grass seeds that thrive in hot weather. Purchase accordingly.

Fertilization –

You can not expect your body to be healthy without partaking of all of the nutrients that you need. It is the same with your lawn. Proper fertilization will go a long way to giving your grass everything it needs to be as healthy as it can be. Think of the fertilization as your lawn’s multivitamin.

Proper Mowing –

Mowing in this heat is not a chore that anyone wants to do more than is necessary. You might even be tempted to mow your lawn at the shortest height possible to help you have a few extra days between mowing’s. However, when it comes to keeping your grass lush and green, longer is actually better. Longer grass will be healthier and will help the root system grow longer which can help keep them in moisture longer. Just remember that longer grass does better in the heat than shorter grass. Anther aspect of mowing that you may want to consider is sharpening your blade. Keeping your blade sharp will help with a nice, clean cut. Mowing with a dull blade will damage your grass and can aid in the grass turning yellow faster.

Weeds –

Keeping the weeds at bay will go a long way to help your grass stay lush and green. A lawn full of weeds will pull nutrients away from the grass making it harder to keep it lush and green. So as soon as you spot a weed, go ahead and give it a pull and get it out of there.

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