How to Make a Room More Cozy

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Everyone wants a home that feels comforting and cozy. A place where you can destress from the world and relax. But sometimes it is hard to know how to achieve that restful feel. Here are 9 tips on How to Make a Room More Cozy.

How to Make a Room More Cozy
  • Declutter – The first step to making a room more pleasant is to declutter the area. If possible you can best do this by removing everything from the room and only putting back the items that you really want there. Remove items off of shelves, counter tops and even off the walls if you have a lot of paintings that have found their way there over the years. Once the room is cleared out you can start to go through everything that you removed and decide what you need to keep and what can go away. You will find that your room probably does not need as many of the items as you had in their before and that it already feels more homey without all the clutter that might have accumulated over the years.
  • Paint – If you are needing a little more than a simple de-clutter to achieve the feel you are looking for, then you might also want to think about adding a new coat of paint. Find a color that will help to calm your nerves and can help you to relax. Colors like soft greens and blues are known to help us feel more calm and balanced.
How to Make a Room More Cozy
  • Ambient Lighting – soft light can make a big difference in a room. Adding a floor or table lamp will help to add the perfect touch of lighting without flipping the switch on the harsher overhead lights.
  • Throw Pillows – Throw Pillows are a great way to change up your décor without breaking the bank. Adding a touch of color in a soft plush pillow can help to make your room pop while still sticking with the calming effect you are hoping to achieve.
How to Make a Room More Cozy
  • Rugs – Rugs are like throw pillows. They will add a plush layer to your room with a pop of color. These can also be changed out quickly with the season if that is something you like to do.
  • Textured Fabric – adding a touch of soft, plush texture can instantly make a room more cozy. Think about draping a soft looking blanket over your couch for an instant comfy feel. Plus you will have a blanket to keep you warm when it gets a little chilly out.
  • Coffee Tables Out, Ottomans In – Ottomans have a soft and luxurious feel. By switching out your hard topped coffee table with an oversized ottoman you will be instantly adding another texture and more softness to your room.
How to Make a Room More Cozy
  • Fresh Flowers – One way to add a touch of home to your room is to add some fresh flowers and/or plants. Think about adding a vase or two around your room and start to add a flower bouquet to your weekly shopping list.
  • Personal accents – the last thing you will want to make sure you do is add some personal accents. By adding a quote, photos, knickknacks, souvenirs from trips, or anything else that might bring a smile to your face.

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