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How to Pick a Toilet

Picking a toilet?  Does it cause you to lose sleep at night?  Do you dream of your porcelain throne?  Do you spend hours drifting in and out dreaming about how many magazines will soon be read while sitting in your bathroom ruminating on life?  Not many of us do!  We walk into our local big merchant hardware store, and pick a toilet.  Easy peasy right?  Wrong!!

There are so many choices nowadays.  We even have toilets that speak to you.  So here is the low down on toilets.

First, you will need to know the rough in distance.  Which is from the finished wall to the center of the drain.  Most are about 12 inches.  If yours is a different size, your choices will be different.  

Second, you will need to decide if you would like an elongated toilet, or a round toilet.  We prefer elongated, just because they are usually a little bit more comfortable. 

Third, you will need to pick a height.  For average to taller people, 14 inches is a good height. Plus, it makes it easier for older people, or people who have a hard time sitting or standing.

Fourth, you will need to pick a style.  Are you wanting a heated seat, a toilet seat that comes open by itself, a toilet that flushes on its own?  Remember, the more options you get, the more that can go wrong, and the more you will pay for installation.  And the toilets with less options will definitely be cheaper.

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