How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall!

Fall is in the air! We are starting to see snow in the forecast and the temperatures are dropping drastically. It’s time to get our yards ready for the cold season. That’s right! Yard work is not over yet! If you want a healthy lawn in the spring, then there are a few things you need to take care of right now!

Fall Pruning – If you have not taken the time to deadhead plants, remove old and dead vines and prune back that plants that can be pruned in the fall, now is the time to do it. This will give you a head start on your summertime gardens and help you have more blooms in the spring.

Aerate – Before the ground freezes you may want to think about aerating your soil. This will allow your soil to have more air flow and nutrients during the winter months.

Last Mow of the Season – Before you put away that lawn mower you may want to give your lawn the last mow of the season. To help with disease, mold and fungi infection you may want to consider doing a shorter cut than you may have been doing all spring and summer. Growth is slow this time of year so a lower blade will not kill your grass.

Leaf Removal – Do you have a mulcher on your lawn mower? If so, the last mow of the season can kill two birds with one stone. By mulching the dead leaves, you will be adding much needed nutrients into your soil. If you don’t have a way to mulch, then you will want to rake up or blow the leaves off your lawn to help prevent snow mold.

Seed Your Lawn – Do you have any patches or areas that are thin and in need of more seed? Now is the perfect time to add some seed to your lawn. Just make sure to do this while the ground still has some warmth and before the cold sets in.

Fertilizer – Adding some fertilizer, or better called winterizer to your cool season grass is a must in this fall. By locking in those nutrients, you will be getting a head start on healthy grass and greener grass in the spring.

Clean Out Vegetable Gardens – Now is the time to clear everything out of your vegetable garden. Allowing your gardens to sit idle through winter can bring on disease and unwanted pests in the spring. Spend some time digging out your plants and clearing out all the debris so that you can have a fresh start when planting season rolls around again.

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