How to Put in an Above Ground Pool!

These hot days have been killer. I have never been a fan of the dry heat here in Grand Junction. Thank goodness we now have a pool to help us cool off during the 100 degree days of summer. You may have recently seen our video on How to Put in an Above Ground Pool on Facebook and/or YouTube. But today I thought it would be a good idea to share my tips with our clients that are not on those social media platforms.

How to Put in an Above Ground Pool!

The first step to setting up the pool was to push back the gravel and find the center for the pool. To mark the center, you will need to know how big your pool is. Measure across your space and find the middle point. Once you have the center found you will need to drive a stake into the ground. After you find your center, you can tie a string onto the stake and measure out the distance of your pool. Then use that string to go around the circumference to know where you need to place your sand. Another way to do this is how I talked about in my video. I took a 2×4 that happened to be the correct size and drug it around the stake in a circle to form where my pool was going to lay. Once we got the circle formed out we took a level across the top of the board to make sure that my area was also level. We started off with a gravel base but if you are starting off with dirt then I recommend you till up the ground and pack it down so it will be level.

After the area was level and we found our perimeter we drilled some stakes around the perimeter so that we could mark where it was at before unloading the sand.

*Handyman Tip – If you are moving sand and/or gravel then I recommend you use a come-along rake. It has a solid surface and will make things much easier.

How to Put in an Above Ground Pool!

The next step will be to add the sand. I picked up 3 yards of sand and I used almost all of it. We had maybe a half a yard left. You will want to completely fill in the circular perimeter with sand. Cover it with a good layer. I ended up with a 3-4 inch layer of sand that I packed down. once the sand is done, you will want to remove all of your stakes.

Once you have your base nice and packed firm, you can start to assemble your pool.

How to Put in an Above Ground Pool!

Putting in a pool is a great way to beat the heat here in the valley. I hope that these steps on how to put in an above ground pool will help to make things easier for you.

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