How to Winterize Your Lawn

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Fall is officially here and I must say that I am fully enjoying these cooler days. With the onset of fall, it is time to start thinking about preparing your home and yard for winter. You might remember that last year, we published an article on the steps to winterizing your home. That is why this year, it seemed fitting to teach you How to Winterize Your Lawn.

Winterize Your Lawn

Mow – With the cooler weather moving in, it might seem like you can start getting away with not mowing your lawn. But that is exactly what you do not want to do. It is important for your lawn care to continue to mow your lawn up until the time that it stops growing. If your lawn is too long before the first snowfall then the grass will bend under it’s weight and can trap all the cold moisture in your lawn, which can cause a nasty fungal disease that you do not want to deal with.

Pull Weeds – You will want to make sure that you have all the weeds pulled out of your yard before the first snowfall. This will give you a head start into the spring weeds next season.

Aerate – Fall is a great time to aerate your lawn. Aerating will allow the air, water and nutrients to get to the roots of your lawn. Aerating now will give you a head start on greening up your grass in the spring.

Reseed – Purchase some cool weather grass seed and spread it around those thin spots. The cool weather seed loves day time temps between 60-70 degrees so it’s just about the perfect time to start thinking of spreading a little seed now.

Fertilizer – Applying fertilizer in the fall will help to replenish your soil and get it ready to green up nice and early in the spring.

Once Spring gets here, you will not regret taking the time out of your busy days to complete these simple steps to Winterize Your Lawn. Before you know it the snow will melt and your grass will be lush, beautiful, and green!

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