Inspiring Family and Local Made Outdoor Furniture!

This past week, I was able to go out and meet a really incredible family. Kahale and Sylvia Reis live in Fruita, CO and they are the sweetest, most humble couple I have ever met.

About 4 1/2 years ago the unthinkable happened, Kahale had a stroke. It has been a long road in finding their new normal, but he has not let that stop him, nor has he let that define who he is today. Not at all! Kahale is fun loving, kind, happy, inspiring, incredibly talented, and so much more.

Kahale’s stroke left the right side of his body paralyzed, and he has now had a loss of language because of it. He was right handed, and he had to re-learn how to do things using his left side. However, he still gets up every day and does what he needs to do to keep his life going for himself, his wife, and their 5 children.

Instead of being found on a construction site, Kahale can now be found in his workshop each day, making incredible outdoor furniture out of wood.

Each item that Kahale makes is unique, one of a kind and even better…it’s for sale! The average outdoor chair takes Kahale just a few weeks to make, and the average price is right around $200! That is a steal for these beautiful and unique pieces!

Sylvia says that if you have something in mind, you can shoot her a picture on her facebook messenger and she will ask Kahale if it is something he can do!

To find out more about the incredible Reis family I encourage you to watch my full interview below!

What are you most excited to have Kahale make for you?

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23 thoughts on “Inspiring Family and Local Made Outdoor Furniture!”

  1. I absolutely love handmade furniture of any – my dad’s passion. I absolutely love both the chair and the bench. Great stuff, well done Kahale and keep up the fab work!

  2. Wow this is so inspiring. I hope his furnitures reach the global market because they are unique and the story behind it is so inspiring!

  3. I am fascinated by family businesses. This is certainly a great industry to be in. The works you guys have are awesome.

  4. Alexandra Cook

    My husband loves to do woodworking. He has made a lot of really nice pieces too!

  5. Yes, I like handmade furnitures. These designs look nice as well. The chairs look comfy and calming. I would like to have one for me.

  6. I love anything handmade and am fortunate that my hubby has made me several awesome pieces. That being said, he has not made me a picnic table and I would love to have one made to fit my outdoor space.

  7. Wow! I love stories like this. When he could have given up and he made the choice to make the best of the bad. These pieces are completely beautiful. Clearly he has a gift.

  8. Such an inspiration. A true reminder of the strength we all carry within us to thrive no matter what

  9. What an inspiring life and story! The heroes of everyday world who show us how to make the best of any situation. And beautiful work too!

  10. Wow… you are amazing. this is not easy at all. I think you should open your online store and sell them.

  11. What an inspiring story, this blessed me and I admire his courage and his talent most especially his works are beautiful and outstanding great job Kahale and Sylvia.

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