Junk-O-Lanterns Extravaganza

You can tell it’s getting close! The crisp air, crunchy leaves, warm days, and cold nights are all signs it’s almost here. With just a couple weeks until Halloween it’s time to start getting the houses ready and the candy cupboards stocked up for all the trick or treaters. Stand out this season for all the countless candy-lovers tromping up to your door with your very own Junk-O-Lantern. (Don’t know what a Junk-O-Lantern is? Check out our video) Not only that, but post your sweet hunk-o-junk on either Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #mightymanhandyman to enter your creation into our contest for the best Junk-O-Lantern in Junk-tion. This is a great alternative for those who don’t want to turn their toddlers loose with knives or permanent markers.

Rules for Entry:

1) Post your Junk-O-Lantern on Instagram or Facebook and MUST use #mightymanhandyman

2) Pictures must be posted by midnight on October 31st

3) Winner will be announced on November 1st

Grand Prize is a $50 gift card to Lowes

Tips and Tricks for the Best Junk-O-Lantern:

– Scour old scrap yards, pawn shops, hardware stores (See below for tips to rust it), your junk drawers, garages, etc. to find great pieces.

– Need to rust a piece quickly? Use some salt, vinegar, and peroxide to get the job done in a couple hours.

o Find an uncoated piece of metal (if it’s painted, galvanized, or has some other protectant on it this process may not work.)

o Add 3-4 tablespoons of salt to a good amount of vinegar and put the pieces in. (Don’t use a metal bowl…? Glass or porcelain will work best)

o Let the pieces sit for 4-5 hours. Remove from the salt and vinegar solution and place in another bowl. Add more salt and pour in the peroxide. Let sit for 30 mins (Make sure to wear gloves when working with the peroxide to prevent chemical burns).

o Remove and bask in the beauty of your newly rusted creations.

Let your inner Doctor Frankenstein loose and create your very own monster!!

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