Local Family Friendly Hiking Spots!

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I am so happy that the temps are finally cooling off. Grand Junction is supposed to be headed to the lower 90’s and will even have some upcoming days in the 80’s! With these temps dropping you can bet that there will be more people hitting the trails and taking advantage of the wonderful views around us. We are so blessed to live in the Grand Valley because we have so many hiking trails around us with so many different views. From dessert to dense forests you are sure to find a trail or two that will be the perfect fit for your family. That is why I put together a list of some of the best local family friendly hiking spots around Grand Junction!

Easy Family Friendly Hikes –

Window Rock Trail is a simple loop that is great for young kids and beginners to hiking. This trail is nice short 0.3 mile hike that is filled with some of the most beautiful views that this valley has to offer!

Otto’s Trail is a quick 0.4 mile hike on the Colorado National Monument. This is another hike that the young kids will enjoy as they chase around lizards and enjoy the view at the overlook!

Riverfront Trail – If you are local then one of the first trails that might pop in your head is the Riverfront Trail. Stretching from Palisade to Fruita it is the perfect trail to take with your family. You can enjoy walking, running or biking on the 24.5 mile trail.

Mica Mines Trail is a an easy 2.6 mile trail that is located off Little Park Road. This is a kid friendly and also dog friendly hike that is best done in the early morning as there is not a lot of shade on the hike.

Big Dominguez Canyon Trail is a stunning hike in the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. The trail follows along a stream and even has a waterfall. This is an easy hike that can be completed with your family but please note that it is 12.2 miles long.

Local Family Friendly Hiking

Coke Ovens Trail is located on the Colorado National Monument and will require a parks pass. Along the easy 1 mile trail, you will be able to take in some of the most stunning views of the sandstone towers!

Devil’s Kitchen is another easy hike 1.5 mile hike located on the Colorado National Monument. This is a great hike for all ages and abilities. You will be surrounded by more stunning views and possibly even some wildlife!

Escalante Petroglyphs is another 1.5 mile hike just outside of Grand Junction. Located in the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. This is a fun hike where you will be able to see two sets of Petroglyphs that have been beautifully preserved.

Trail Through Time is 1.5 miles through Rabbit Valley. This is the perfect trail for anyone. Especially for any kids who are also dinosaur lovers, as it passes through a quarry that is actively still digging up dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur Hill is another fun trail that is located just outside of Fruita. One of the best ways to view this trail is with a black light at night. Load up the kids and be ready to be in awe as you find small scorpions littering the trail ahead!

Scorpions glowing under the black light

There are so many hikes in this valley that will be a great destination to make some wonderful family memories! We hope that you truly take the time to visit some of these Local Family Friendly Hiking Spots! The weather is perfect for you to get out there and enjoy this beautiful world around us!

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