Local Jeep Trails around the Valley!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that Jeeping is a big activity here in the Grand Valley. Hitting the trails is a family fun activity that can get you outside on a hot day to explore and see the beautiful world around you. Luckily here in the valley there is no shortage of places to go, and you don’t have to drive hours and hours to explore beautiful places. If you are looking to hit some trails this summer but you are not sure where to go, then look no further. Here is a compiled list of all of the local trails around the Valley.

*Just be sure you know your Jeep and its capabilities before testing out new trails.

Dolores Point

If you are looking for a mild trail for a good starting point this one won’t disappoint. West of Gateway, Dolores Point is a nice easy trail with some of the most beautiful views.

Rabbit Valley

Rabbit Valley is another fun place to go when you are new to Jeeping and just starting out. Rabbit Valley loop is an easy little drive with some fun scenic views such as a Colorado River overlook and is also another great place to toss in your tent and enjoy some camping.

Dolores Triangle Area

Dolores Triangle Area can be accessed from the Grand Junction side or the Moab side. If accessing from Moab you will need to cross the Dolores River which is not recommended to do in the spring when the run off is deep. This area is off the beaten path and is not a place that most people go and explore. Because of this it may be hard to find maps for this area. However, don’t let that intimidate you. Do your research and GO! There are miles of trails that will be fun for the whole family. Other than the river crossing, the rest of the road is well maintained and ready for your next adventure.

Speer Hunter

This is another moderate trail that is a fun one for a family adventure. From Speer Hunter you can easily access Dry Fork as well as Hunter Canyon Overlook. This road is great for any stock vehicle but don’t attempt it when it is wet. Just head to De Beque to find this gem and if you like, throw in your tent as well. There are some great camping spots!

Glade Park to Gateway

You start out following along the Dolores River and then eventually you start to make a climb. This trail does contain several switchbacks up a shelf road. However, this is still a fairly moderate road with some beautiful views.

Cactus Park

This is a fun trail that is located along the Tabeguache trail. Get your cameras ready on this trail as it is common to see wildlife on this route. Also, don’t forget to stop by and take a look at the petroglyphs while you are there.

16 Road

This is an easier trail and has beautiful views of the Grand Valley. This trail will take you up the up the Bookcliffs on the Fruita side. If you like, take the shelf road down and enjoy Hunter Canyon as well.

21 Road

This road has fun for everyone. It is a 13-mile trail that ends where it begins. FYI this road can get pretty extreme past the Jeep Lane so be prepared to stop there unless you are looking for a more extreme road filled with boulders and steep climbs and possible body damage.

 Billings Canyon Jeep Trail

Located in Bangs Canyon you won’t want to miss this hot spot. However, just know that this is a rough trail and a minimum of 35″ tires are recommended for this trail. Also, it is very common to receive body damage on this trail so be prepared for that.

Wagon Wheel Trails

The west side of these trails can be found in Rangley CO which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Grand Junction. There are over 360 miles of stunning views that can be found in the Wagon Wheel area.

Boulder Canyon

If extreme is your thing you will want to check out Boulder Canyon outside of Montrose. This trail is 75 miles of big boulders and waterfalls. Rollovers and body damage can occur on this trail. Please only attempt it if you are an experienced driver.

Rimrocker Trail

Rimrocker Trail is surrounded by beautiful scenery and will take you on a fun adventure from Montrose CO to Moab UT. This trail is over 160 miles. Just be mindful as there is open grazing in most of this area.

Grand Valley OHV

North of Grand Junction out past the airport you can find the Grand Valley OHV area. This area is 17 square miles of OHV fun!

Coal Canyon

If you are looking for a quick little jaunt close to town then look no further. Coal Canyon is a fairly easy trail that goes along a wilderness area so the possibilities of seeing wildlife such as wild horses is high! This trail climbs you right to the top of the Bookcliffs near Mt. Garfield!

Windmill Loop

This loop through Bangs Canyon starts out with a fun open area for ATV play. This trail includes stops on the Gunnison River shoreline, some petroglyphs as well as at the windmill for which this loop is named. This trail is fairly easy with just one shelf road

Grand Mesa Trails

This stunning flat top mountain is home to about 150 miles worth of trails. There is something for everyone on top of Colorados Grand Mesa! You can find everything from double roads to single track areas as well as several with some fun hill climbs.

Death Row

This trail did not earn this name for nothing. This trail is filled with boulder after boulder all the way up the steep grade. There are vehicle requirements for this trail and experience is a must. Also note that body damage and rolling are big possibilities.

Owl Creek Pass Road

Just outside of Ouray you will find a beautiful scenic trail called Owl Creek Pass. This trail is where John Wayne filmed scenes from not 1 but 2 different movies. True Grit and How the West Was Won were both partially filmed there. This road is a gravel road and is easy travel 4×4 is not needed unless it is the rainy season which will create muddy spots.

Calamity Mesa Loop

This is a very remote trail that gets very narrow in places with steep drop offs. This is not a trail for the faint of heart. But with views of the Calamity Mine and the Gateway Confluence it makes it all worth it!

I hope that you enjoy all of these fun places. There is a lot of beautiful country around us to see and experience. Just be sure to check maps, let others know where you are going and always be safe. Also, if you ever see Might Man out on the trial, don’t forget to say hi!

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