Professional House Cleaning Hacks!

House Cleaning Hacks from the Professionals!
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Keeping up with housework is no easy task. It seems like there is always laundry to wash, dishes in the sink, trash that needs taken out and something that needs dusted. Housework is a task that everyone has to deal with and it is something that takes up a lot of our time. That is why I am happy to share with you a few Professional House Cleaning Hacks!

`1. Take a laundry basket and trash bag around with you from room to room. When you are busy cleaning, there is nothing more annoying then having to walk items back and forth from room to room. As you are cleaning and find trash or items that are misplaced you can place them into the proper place. As you are cleaning room to room you can pull out the items as needed to put them away. This will make things much easier and save you a lot of time wasted with walking across the house several times per room.

2. Always clean from top to bottom. In that, I am meaning ceiling to floor. If you start with the floors first you will likely end up with floors just as dirty as they were when you started.

3. There are a lot of things that can be fully cleaned in the dishwasher. Use it to your advantage when cleaning toys, toothbrush holders, flower vases and more! Just remember to place these items on the top rack and you will be good to go.

4. Use Microfiber cleaning cloths. Microfiber will help to pick up allergens and dust particles as well as liquids without saturating your cleaning cloth.

5. Make a cleaning plan. Before you tackle your house cleaning you will find that you get more done when you sit down and make a plan. Go room by room and write down the items that you want to make sure to complete that day. This will help you to stay on task and not wander off from project to project.

6. Delegate the projects. If you don’t live alone then you most definitely do not have to clean up the house all by yourself. When writing out the items that need tackled you can also write down who in your household you would like to tackle each project.

7. Find something that will motivate you and keep you going. Let cleaning time be a fun time. Turn up the music and get to work, or download a great audiobook and listen while you clean. Finding something that will distract you from the task will make the work go by much faster.

8. Deep cleaning each room first will help you be able to maintain them down the road. Go through your house room by room and deep clean everything. Then you will just have to tidy each day to keep up on items instead of doing a few easy items and trying to deep clean at the same time.

9. Use the proper cleaners. Finding proper cleaners for each task will really help you to save time. You don’t want to try to clean your soap scum with a kitchen all purpose cleaner or vice versa.

10. Use an app like Tody to help you keep track of what items need to be cleaned and when. With an app like Tody, you can customize your chore list and how frequently each item will need to be completed. You can also assign each task to a family member in the app if they also have the app on their phone. Take advantage of apps like that, that will help your tasks become easier.

House cleaning takes up an average of over 900 hours a year! That is a lot of time spent making sure everything in your home is nice and tidy. We hope that these Professional House Cleaning Hacks will help make things easier for you so that you can spend more time doing something you really do love.

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