Lowe’s Discounted Appliances

Save with Lowe’s Discounted Appliances!

Tax season is here, which means lots of markdowns and sales! Did you know that one of the top items purchased with refund checks are appliances? That’s why it’s important to shop around and find good deals. That’s why I love Lowe’s Discounted Appliance section!

Lowe’s Discounted Appliances

Why Lowe’s?

You might have noticed Lowe’s has some great deals on appliances. Since it is tax season many of their appliances are at least $500 off through the month of February. There are some great deals, but those are not the deals I’m going to be talking about. Why? Because I want to teach you about discounts that are even better.

Lowe’s discounts appliances for a number of reasons including damaged, floor display models, repaired, returned from customer, or other reasons that they will specify to you. For example, I noticed a display model dishwasher that was originally $729, but since it was on the floor as a display, it is now marked down to just $325! To make the Lowe’s discounted appliance deals even sweeter, you can also score a manufacture warranty with many of the discounted appliances.

Each reduced sign will specify exactly why the item is marked down and/or if it has been repaired. Most of the “damaged” appliances had such tiny scuffs or scratches that you could hardly notice them!

These were not even half of the appliances they had marked down at our local Grand Junction Lowe’s store. They are currently bursting at the seems with dishwashers, washers, fridges, stoves and more!

So the next time that you are in the market for appliances, or even just cruising through your local Lowe’s store, I encourage you to check out their deeply discounted appliance section. Just look for the bright yellow reduced signs! You can’t, and you REALLY won’t want to, miss it!

What appliance are you most excited to replace and/or update with these amazing Lowe’s deals?

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  1. Lowe’s are good I have heard. A good friend of mine prefers it. I have never tried it though.

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