Sika Pro Select Fence Post Mix!

Fence Post Mix

Dustin and I had been wanting to try out the Sika Pro Select Fence Post Mix for awhile. Luckily, we were called and asked to build some outdoor gym equipment, and we instantly knew that this would be the perfect project to try it out! So I headed over to Lowes and picked some up.

Fence Post Mix

The Mix was a neat product and can be found at Lowes or any of the other local hardware stores. It states that it is equal in volume to two 50lb bags of concrete and I would have to agree.

Fence Post Mix

The first step in using the Pro Select Mix is to mix it up by rolling up the bag until the middle seal pops. Once it pops, you will need to immediately start shaking it up. Just remember to read and follow the instructions and have a knife handy so that you don’t end up having the bag explode while you are shaking it up.

Fence Post Mix

After the Pro Select Fence Post Mix is shook up, you will want to begin dumping it into your pre dug hole. I found that one bag could fill two holes.

Fence Post Mix

You will notice the foam start to rise and expand immediately.

It is fun to watch the foam rise. It reminded me of liquid expanda foam.

All in all, I thought this stuff worked alright. It was easy to use and seemed to be pretty sturdy and firm.

Check out my video below to see my full review on the Sika Pro Select Fence Post Mix!

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Have you ever used Sika Pro Select Fence Post Mix? What did you think?

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