Snow Maintenance

As temperatures drop it is inevitable that the snow will soon be upon us! The joy of sledding, skiing, building snowmen, and making snow angels is frequently overshadowed by the drudgery of shoveling your driveway. For those unlucky souls whose driveways don’t get much sunshine this is especially frustrating. Even a slight dusting can turn a driveway into a luge course. Not to worry though, Mighty Man has a few tips and tricks to help make your winter maintenance a bit easier. 

First, we need to talk snow shovels. You’re going to want a good sturdy snow shovel for the thick heavy snows we are prone to get here in Grand Junction. I recommend getting one with a metal reinforced lip like this shovel. It will last much longer, and will work better to scrape off packed down snow if its been walked or driven over. The other thing to keep in mind, is to make sure it’s the right size for you. If you’re not a heavy lifter, getting the extra big, double wide shovel probably isn’t the best choice. 

For those light snows or when the ice is already forming it’s really easy to throw some snow melt out and forget about it. I’d caution against this and use the snow melt sparingly. It works great to melt the snow, but it weakens the cement and is one of  the prime culprits when you see driveways crumbling and flaking apart. If you can get away with it, try using sand to provide traction and prevent people from slipping.  Then be sure to clear the snow off before it gets packed down in the future. 

The last tip is a Mighty Man secret, but it’s the best and simplest way to clear the driveway. It only works on the light fluffy snow, so if it’s too wet don’t even try. The next time you see a light to medium sized dusting and  the snow is powdery, try sweeping your driveway. You’ll use your wide shop broom just like a snow shovel, but it’s amazing how clean and clear it gets your driveway. It works better than a snow shovel if the snow is just right. 

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