Spooky Hotel To Visit This October!

Are you someone who lives for the scary part of Halloween? Are you looking for something adventurous to do this October? Look no further than this spooky hotel that is located here in colorful Colorado! This haunted hotel is still up and running today and can be booked for a spooky nights stay!

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. has been in operation since 1909. Thanks to Stephen King, this hotel has gone down in history as one of the most haunted hotels in America. It is no secret that Stephen King has written some horrifying stories over the years. One of the most popular of the Stephen King novels is “The Shinning,” which just so happened to have been inspired by Estes Park’s Stanley Hotel. It is alleged that the King family stayed at the hotel for one night and was the only family who happened to be staying there that night. It is rumored that while Stephen King was staying there he had a nightmare which inspired the future novel.

Aside from it inspiring The Shinning, it is rumored to be haunted for real. Not necessarily by twin girls, but by Freelan Oscar Stanley, the original owner of the hotel. It has been said that the ghosts of Stanley and his wife, Flora, can be seen from time to time on the famous staircase while dressed in their finest attire.

Other spooky encounters include guests who have heard the piano playing even when no one is around the piano, as well as sightings of other past guests who stayed at the hotel at one time or another and have since passed on.

The Stanley Hotel is currently open for guests and can also be booked for ghost tours as well as a tour of the spooky underground tunnels.

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