Spring Break At Home Ideas!

Spring Break At Home Ideas!

Well it is no secret that spring break was quickly changed for many. But that does not mean that the fun as to stop. There are still lots of great options to keep your Spring Break super fun without having to break quarantine.

1. Hit the trails. All National Parks are no longer charging a fee during these difficult days. That means you can hit up the trails on the National Monument without having to pay. It’s a great way to get out with your family and enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of being to close to others and breaking the rules recommended by the CDC.

2. Have daughters? It’s time for a girls night! Break out the nail polish and face masks for a night of fun, laughter, and pampering.

3. Costume making! Break out some paper plates and let the kids decorate away. They can turn them into masks, shields, armor, and more. Let the imaginative play begin.

4. Room makeover. This could be the perfect time to tackle those room makeover projects that you have been putting on hold. Give the walls a nice new paint color, update some outdated fixtures, hang new artwork and décor. Have fun with it!

5. Take time to DIY! Check out your Pinterest boards. We can bet that you have a few Pinterest boards that are filled with ideas that you have been wanting to complete but have not been able to find the time. Well…now looks like as good of a time as any. Go through those boards and have some fun.

6. Backyard camping. Break out that tent and get it set up for the kids. Spend an evening roasting marshmallows, telling stories around the campfire and enjoying each others company. Even if it’s too cold to actually sleep outside. It will be a fun experience and something to keep the kids entertained during this extended Spring Break.

7. Try out some new recipes. With many people at home now it has sure freed up a lot of time. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make bread from scratch? Or had a dream of one day cooking a Julia Child recipe? How about learning how to make your own tamales or tortillas? Whatever your cooking idea is you probably have enough free time in your day to give it a try.

8. Hand make cards for loved ones. The mail system is still up and running. So why not break out those crayons and let the kids decorate some hand made cards to mail to loved ones. I am sure that your family and friends would love that burst of cheer and a break away from the worry of the world as they open up a brightly colored card filled with love.

9. Read! Our public library may be closed but did you know that there are over 40 free roadside libraries in our valley? You know the ones, that look like little bird houses sitting in peoples yards? It would be a blast to take the kids out and hit up a few of these libraries in your neighborhood and find some great books to read to the kids while you are stuck at home.

10. Yard work and gardening! Now is the time to start thinking about those gardens. You can start planting your cold season crops now! Not into gardens? Why not start prepping your yard for summer and get some things cleaned up?

11. At home science experiments. There is a plethora of online websites that are dedicated to at home science experiments for kids. Have some fun, build a volcano, make a rainbow out of skittles, dissect an owl pellet. Hands on learning is the best learning!

12. Band/Dance Party – Find some fun items and make some instruments. Think a jar full of beans the kids can shake, a pot and wooden spoon for a drum. Then turn on the radio and play your instruments while dancing the day away.

13. Game / Puzzle Night. Dust off those puzzles and board games that have been sitting in your closet for years. It’s time to have some fun!

14. Spring Cleaning! There are so many great apps you can download to your phone. Two of my favorites are Toddy and Toss. Toddy helps you set up your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly chores and helps you to keep track of when you last completed them. Toss will give you one task each day to clean out and get rid of unused items. This is the perfect time to go through those closets, drawers and cabinets. Clean out that stuff that you no longer need.

15. Build a fort. When was the last time that you broke out all the blankets and built a massive fort in your living room? Drag out those blankets and chairs. Build the best, massive fort you have ever built before. Then enjoy playing and maybe even watching a movie from your fort!

We know that this Spring Break is not exactly what you had planned. While your at home we hope you make the most of it and enjoy the time with your kids.

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