Spring Kitchen Cleaning Printable

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I have been enjoying these warmer days. According to the forecast, we will be in the 70’s this weekend! These are temperatures that I can really get used to. It’s nice to be able to leave the windows open again and to breathe in that fresh air. With the warm temps come spring, and we all know what spring time means. That’s right, Spring Cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to get those garden beds cleaned out, the house back in order, the sidewalks swept off and time to remove any clutter that accumulated over winter. One of the best Spring Cleaning projects to tackle is the Kitchen. This is the most utilized room in the house and seems to be the room that attracts the most clutter. It’s easy to fill up those cupboards and drawers with items throughout the year that you don’t truly use or need. Take this week to really focus on your Kitchen and get it looking its best again with this fun Kitchen Spring Cleaning Printable.

Cleaning Printable

Spring Kitchen Cleaning Printable

This printable will help you check off those odd jobs that you may not get to very often throughout the year. You will be able to focus on cleaning out those fridges and freezers as well as pulling out your appliances and giving those floors underneath a good scrub! Plus, with the printable, it will be easy to stay on track while you are still living your daily life. Just take a few minutes here and there to accomplish each task and you will be done before you know it!

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