Starting Your Own Handyman Business

Starting Your Own Handyman Business

Next to marrying my wife, starting a handyman business was one of the best decisions of my life. I love working with my hands, seeing projects come together, having something new to do every day, making my own schedule, working with people I love etc… The reasons I love my job are endless.

Recently, I have had some people ask me how to get started. Now I will admit that in the beginning things can be tough. It is never easy to get your name out there, but with perseverance you can do anything!

If you are thinking about starting your own handyman business then you might want to check out my tips below to help you get started on your path to success.

9 Steps to Starting Your Own Handyman Business!

1. First step in starting a handyman business, or any business really, is sitting down and writing out what you want to do with your business. By creating a business plan you can iron out all the details, such as, What does it cost to start up? What tools are needed? What insurance are you going to go through? Which projects do you want to do? Which projects do you NOT want to do? Where do your talents lay? What will you charge hourly? This is also a great time to start thinking up business names. Also take this time to research what needs your community has. Is there a current market for handymen in your area? If so then I say go for it!

2. The next step is to obtain the proper business licenses and permits. Luckily, we live in a day in age where all the forms can be found online and are easily accessible. A simple google search on how to obtain a business license in your area should pull up everything you need. At this time it is also a great idea to open a business bank account and get some good insurance.

3. Next up on the list is building a website and finding a great hosting company. You will want a place for your clients to go where they can see your services, prices, projects, tips etc… use this as an outlet for them to get to know you and see who you really are. You are more likely to be hired if they know they can trust you with their homes.

4. Tools! You will need to start accumulating tools for your business. I recommend you purchase them as the need arises. That way you are not overwhelmed and you can keep the costs low until you have some money coming in. Just remember to keep those receipts. Your accountant will need them later!

Starting Your Own Handyman Business

5. Fill the other roles. What I mean by this is, there is so much more to starting a business then just putting in the work. You will need someone who is good at accounting, someone to help with marketing, someone to run an office and take calls for potential clients and help with invoicing, you might even need a lawyer. All of these people will be important in helping you establish yourself. Unless those are also tasks that you are great at and you feel like you will have the time to do it all yourself. But I would not recommend it.

6. Get your name out there! Your website is a great start but how are you going to get clients to see it? Ideas can include getting a business truck and decals! Putting decals on your vehicle is a great way to help get your name out there. You can also reach out to rental property companies and other local business. See if they are in need of a handyman. Hit the pavement with a business card and talk with businesses face to face. They will admire that. Websites like Home Advisor and the Next Door app are also great places to advertise. I find that these sites are more personal then just marketing yourself on Facebook.

7. As mentioned above you will want to keep your tool receipts. But that will not be all. You will want to keep track of your mileage, gas, the part of your home or place where your office is located, office supplies etc… Keep track of everything you spend on your business. I recommend a program like Microsoft Excel to keep track of all of it. You can also keep an envelope or folder at home of all of your receipts so they are together for your accountant.

8. When you own your own business you will also need to think about the taxes that you will have to pay. A good way to help insure you have enough for that is to keep 25% out every time you get paid. Put it into a separate account so that you have it on hand at the end of the year. Chances are you will not need all that money when tax time roles around and it could be a nice nest egg to help you invest more into your business after you use what is needed for taxes.

9. Have fun! Always remember the reasons why you wanted to work for yourself. Be kind to your clients. Sometimes you will not have the easiest of clients, you will come across people who are hard to please. Those cases are few and far between but you must remember that patience and kindness are a must. Always. If you are honest, reliable, patient and kind then word of mouth about your services will spread like wildfire.

If you have handyman skills then you can not go wrong with a handyman business. It is such a great feeling when you are able to help out homeowners and take some of their day to day stress off of their shoulders. I love doing what I do, I love getting to know my clients and I especially love helping them achieve their dreams for their homes.

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