Things You Should Toss Out of Your Garage

The garage seems to be the easiest place to throw things when you just don’t know where else to put them. But what do you do with all of that stuff when there is too much clutter to even function anymore? You purge, of course, starting with these 10 items!

#1 – Old Paint! Do you have a shelf stocked up with old paint in your garage? Unless you have a climate controlled garage, your paint will not hold up very well in there. The varied temperatures that can be found in most garages will cause the paint to separate and become unusable. If you must store paint, make sure it is on a shelf in your home where it will last longer.

#2 – Broken Holiday Decorations. Just throw them out. If you have strings of broken lights, popped inflatables or motorized parts that will no longer work, toss them. Even if you have been saving them because you think you will have time one day to fix them. Just toss them. You will not regret it!

#3 Worn out sports equipment. Is your garage a tossing ground for old sports equipment? If you have athletic gear or sports equipment that is no longer being used, donate it! There are several places that will take it off your hands for you!

#4 Books! Is your home so overrun with books that you have had to now make more room for them by boxing them up and loading them out to the garage? Just donate them already! Trust me, you don’t need to have extra boxes of books on hand.

#5 Unfinished projects! Did you know that the stack of unfinished projects is just stress that is weighing you down? If you have had something sitting in the garage for years that you have not gotten around to, just get it out of there. You will feel so much better once those projects are no longer taking up space.

#6 Duplicate tools – do you have duplicate tools taking up room in those toolboxes? If so, then you may be surprised at just how much room you can free up by decluttering those duplicates!

#7 Toys, do you have totes of toys that the kids have outgrown? Don’t let those totes sit around taking up your much needed space. Donate!

#8 Old or Broken Lawn and Garden Supplies – keeping around those broken rakes, dented shovels and split garden hoses is never a good idea. Clear them out and replace with new!

#9 Expired chemicals – have you been keeping your lawn and garden chemicals, bug killers, or cleaning products in your garage? If they are expired, toss them!

#10 Everything else you don’t remember buying! Chances are you have items in your garage that you don’t even remember purchasing! What’s the use in keeping that stuff around? Just get rid of it.

You will make your life much easier by getting rid of all of these items.

Just do us a favor and actually remove them from the garage! Do NOT let the donations sit there and take up room!

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