Tips on How to Paint a Textured Wall

Textured walls can add a lot of character to any room. They are more forgiving on drywall imperfections and can add a touch of flair to help set your home apart from the others. But, when it comes to repainting, they can be a nightmare. That is why Mighty Man is here to give you a few tips on how to properly re-paint your textured walls.

#1. – Before you start your painting project you will want to patch up any holes that are in your walls. This is also a good time to retexture any areas where the texture was rubbed off. You would not want any flat areas on your wall amongst all the texture.

#2 – Fully wash your walls to make sure there is no dirt, cobwebs or grime in the crevices of your textured walls. Painting over dirt and grime will make your paint peel faster and/or will prevent the paint from sticking to the dirty areas. Even if your wall looks clean to the eye, wash it.

#3 – Buy a good painter’s tape. Painter’s tape is always a must when you are painting. This will help you get straight lines around your edges and with a good quality tape you can ensure that it will stick to your textured surface without you having to worry about how much paint is seeping under the tape. Just make sure you press it down firmly in all areas. Use the painter’s tape to go around the baseboards and where you transition from one paint color to another. Just don’t forget to wait for the paint to fully dry before you remove the painter’s tape.

#4 – Remove all of your light switch and outlet covers. By removing them instead of taping over them you will be insuring a much cleaner and better-looking paint job.

#5 – Purchase more paint than you may think. I am not saying that you need to be excessive with the paint, but you will want to buy more paint than you would need with non-textured walls. This will ensure that you have enough paint for a second and possibly third coat of paint. Giving your walls a second coat or even third coat will ensure that all areas of the texture will be fully covered. Make sure that when you paint, you go over the walls in all directions so that you won’t have miss spots.

Sit back and enjoy!

A new coat of paint will help transform your home. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to sit back and just enjoy the new color on the walls! Enjoy it!

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