Tips to Build the Perfect Snowman!

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Tips to Build the Perfect Snowman

The first snow is set to arrive this weekend! We are supposed to have significant snow accumulation for this time of year. The first snow of the year is usually a wet one meaning that it is great snow to build yourself a snowman! With that being said, I figured that I would give your Mighty Man’s tried and true Tips to Build the Perfect Snowman!

Step 1:

Location, Location, Location! Start off by looking for a nice and flat area where you can build your snowman. You will also want to make sure that you are in an area with lots of snow so that you can build your snow man super BIG!

Step 2:

You will want to make your snowman by using the 3-2-1 snowman structure. Meaning that the base of the snowman will be the biggest snowball, then the middle will be the second biggest and the top will be the smallest. This will help your snowman to stay in place and stay structurally sound.

Step 3:

Start packing. You will want to pack the snowballs nice and tight. Once it is as tight as you can get it, you will want to place it on the ground and start rolling! If you want a BIG snowman then you will really need to put your back into it! Roll around each ball till you reach your desired size!

Step 4:

Flatten the top of the bottom snowball and the middle snowball. This will help with stability. You don’t need to go overboard. Just flatten down that tops of those snowballs a little before placing the next layer on top.

Step 5:

Decorate! This is be best part of building a snow man! You can use rocks, coal, carrots, scarves, jewelry, sticks, ribbons etc… The possibilities are endless! Once the decorations are done, you will want to give him/her a name and enjoy!

Step 6:

Go inside and warm up with a cup of Hot Cocoa!

We hope you enjoy these Tips to Build the Perfect Snowman. If you build a snowman this winter we would sure love to see it! Comment below and let us know how it went!

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Tips to Build the Perfect Snowman

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